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I actually never bothered with this before, but since I'm slowly becoming more active in communities after the x amount of years I've had an account, I decided what the heck. However, first off, the banner is not telling the whole truth - this LJ is semi-friends only (I suck at making graphics and I liked this one). Approximately 42% of the stuff I post is public - they're generally limited to recipes ('cause I enjoy cooking and baking), lyrics translations (in order to practice my Chinese because I need it), and relatively random material that I decided weren't harmful if they were made public. The other 58% is dedicated to my rather boring life, rants, and my random thought process. Most of it revolves around school and will do so for the next two months - then I'll have graduated. I'm officially a college graduate, so scratch that about school. ^^ Well, until I start grad school... I also love having pictures accompanying words so you'll see a lot of those as well.

Anyway, to the point... I'm always up to meeting new people so if you're still bored enough and reading this...

I follow several fandoms. However, I don't post a lot about it, besides the occasional fangirl!spazzing. On the other hand, I do check my f-list almost religiously and I comment just as much. So here are the basics and you can just do what you will from there:

The BasicsCollapse )

As for a random, but all too true, banner~

Except the "don't take me seriously" part. I'm not typing this up just for my own amusement even though I am bored and this is better than homework. I am, however, notorious for procrastinating - but I'm also amazingly good at it because everything's still done on time, no matter what. ^^

If you're my LJ-friend, then here are the more detailed (and random) basics of mine.


As of February 2011, this LJ will be dedicated to my fangirling because I have another blog for my adventures (and misadventures) whilst teaching English in Korea. In other words, this LJ will be dead for the most part other than occasional lyric translations and perhaps more personal posts. I will attempt to repost or at least provide the link to the Korea posts regarding fangirling and relevant posts because, well, I'm in Korea. ^^ Otherwise, I'll be lurking and browsing through my friends' list when I've the time.

For those interested, HERE IS MY KOREA BLOG hosted on Wordpress. 


Fresh Green Grass

So I just did something very stupid. During a break while preparing for my presentation, I decided to look up movies. And I found one. And I really want to watch it. Therefore, I decided to make up a list of dramas and movies that I have bookmarked the links to and would like to watch right now during this g-o-d forsaken time and waste just 15 minutes instead of the hour-and-a-half if I were to watch the movie.

Though this is torture in itself.

Evil, Evil TemptationCollapse )Evil, Evil TemptationCollapse )

Oh my. There's so many! And it's not even a complete list... >_<

Heels: Are They Worth It?

TeenTop in Heels

I went through various stages in my life where I may have worn clothes that, perhaps, dropped me under a category (though nothing like in the picture above). For instance, my mom picked out my clothes for me to wear up until 6th grade (sad, I know) - it consisted of primarily school uniform attire of the navy blue, white, red, or khaki colors. Halfway through my elementary years, I moved to Texas where uniforms aren't actually worn, but my mom still laid them out for me every morning, so I wore them. When I was finally allowed to exercise my sense of style, or lack thereof, I was at a complete loss, but I stuck with clothes that may not have been the most fashionable, but they fit, allowed me to move amongst human beings without being in the nude, and were comfortable. My mom called me a hobo. There was also a phase where I shopped at Hot Topic and even cut up a shirt and put it back together with safety pins, then commenced to wear it out in public. I still have it. 

It wasn't until I moved to Korea that I started to care somewhat about how I looked. Not only was I working in a more professional arena (I previously worked for people I was comfortable with so nothing fancy was worn or in a casual setting or I had a uniform already provided), but it was Korea - where everyone cared about how they looked and the way people acted towards you does depend on it as well. Just like how when my orientation roommate's aunt found out she had a roommate, she questioned not my friendliness and how we got along, but if I looked pretty. /blink/ What's my appearance got to do with being roommates? If my face resembled that of an orc, would she have demanded that my roommate change rooms? 

Anyway, I never thought I would succumb to paying attention to how I looked, but as time went on, I slowly realised that I did. By the end of my year there, half of the contents of my wardrobe was decent (in that it also grew twice its original size), I learned how to use make up, I had a hair cut three times while there and permed my hair twice, and I bought four pairs of shoes (a pair of winter boots with hidden heels, two cute sandals with kitten heels, and two more with a 4-inch heel). Yeah, I know. WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS WRONG WITH ME?

Truth was that it was normal to see Korean women strut around in heels because they practiced (as my Co had told me and I had seen my fair share of scarred feet while in Korea) and they were used to it. Plus, it makes your legs longer. As I'm at a short five feet tall, I would like to picture myself with long, slender legs (trust me, it's killing me that I'm admitting this in "public") and since I walked around Korea for a year staring at legs that look AMAZING, it was only natural that I want those heels, right??

WRONG.Collapse )

[Article] Words Are Everything

I never thought of myself as an articulate person.

When talking, I'd get distracted or stumble upon words - or even forget it completely, needing to think it through before finally remembering it. Sometimes, I don't remember it at all in time to add to the conversation; this is blamed on my adventures abroad. When telling stories, I would start at the beginning and move through the plot until I'm almost at the end, only to remember I missed something that may or may not be essential to the story, but it was left out. As a result, I would then suddenly go back to add it in and.. I imagine it could be slightly confusing to the listener, haha. At any rate, I'm a horrible storyteller. When I'm explaining, I can never find the perfect words to explain how things are, because most of the time, I don't get things through a process - it may start out with memorising rules and understanding the concept itself, but I eventually learn it after having two unconnected wires suddenly find each other and connect. 

No, when I think of how I think, I imagine butterflies flitting haphazardly - almost as if on a whim - from one shaded area (due to the scattered clouds overhead) to another. Honestly, it can get a little hard for me to concentrate on one thing, so when I have moments where my brain seems tolerant of settling on a single topic, I try not to interrupt it for any reasons. Oh, the phone's ringing? It can wait. I have dishes that need to be washed? Doing one's dishes is a soothing activity best done before bed, anyhow. I have another paper to write? My brain isn't in the mood to write a quality paper, yet. There's homework calling my name? What subject? - Need to ponder to see if I'm in the mood for it.

Now that I think about it, perhaps it's a helping factor as to why I procrastinate so much.

So, when I saw this article a friend shared, I decided it was interesting, because I definitely saw myself following the findings.

The ArticleCollapse )
I realised a while ago that the way I acted (and spoke) to another person depended on some sort of invisible vibes that I got from them. I don't actually know what, exactly, but in high school, I would act differently with each group of friends and even on an individual basis. With my nose-buried-in-books friends, who made sure to know their exact rank in class and knew how to calculate their GPA, I was seen as someone who was similar - I had my goofy moments, but there were moments my brain shined through - though I was nowhere as grade-obsessed as they were. With my average friends, I would have more fun with them and I'd help them out with work if needed, but I also realised they saw me as "the smart one" and somewhat of the teacher's pet. With my fellow outcasted friends who wore clothes from Hot Topic, they would see my goofy, strange, and geeky side - and we would all celebrate over that, coordinating days where they would wear their black trench coats and I would don on my neon green trench, strolling through the hallways in a line. As a result, when some classmates found out that I got in trouble on the bus and was assigned a seat right behind the bus driver, they were shocked, to say the least. It was only my closest friends who saw my mischievous side, my rebellious side, my brain farcts, my moments of insightfulness, my scary sides, my quiet sides, my talkative sides, and even my so-called intimidating side (yes, I was told at one point I could be intimidating).. 

As a result, it would all make sense that the way I carry myself and how I allow myself to come across to people would logically have something to do with my speech patterns while with them. Or at least you would think. I actually haven't thought about that self-molding habit of mine for a while until after I read this article, because after high school, my group of friends began to change constantly. It's an interesting topic, and I'd love to read more about it. 

I guess in this sense, I'm not all that bad with words either, because it's ingrained into us. ^^ YES!!

However, it's going to tempt me into counting how many times I used 'I' and 'my' in this post, not including the article. As this is a personal journal, if you will, I'm not going to think much about it, but it's fun to see. 

Total count: 68 out of 742 words

SPAZZ ALERT!! *\(^o^)/*

I'm currently watching My Girlfriend's a Gumiho. In this drama, I found someone who I keep on squealing about when I see his face. No, it's not Lee Seung-gi (this is my first time seeing him in a drama, but his character's... I like competent guys. T___T). It's No Min-woo. /flails/

For more spazzing/videos/pictures...Collapse )

Kym Sha - Wo Dong Le

Yet another break-up song, but it's not all that depressing. It just goes through the process of accepting it and moving on. :)

I exercised a bit of artistic freedom with this so the translation would flow a little smoother, but because of this, I'll put down the exact definition of the words at the end. Also, I will try my hand at translating what's being said (and written) in the video - those will be in italics. I decided I've been dealing with too much Korean and I can't lose all my Chinese.. ^^;

As usual, all mistakes are mine and mine alone.

金莎 - 我懂了
Jin Sha - Wo Dong Le
Kym Sha - I Understand

It got long so it's under a cut. ^^Collapse )

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie

These days years, I may be into Asian-centered things, but before I got into Asian entertainment, I actually had a phase where I was obsessed with anything European (or foreign in the 'Western world'). This was also roughly around the time that I was engrossed with anything Harry Potter (and I made pumpkin pasties and considered getting the ingredients to make this so-called treacle tart) and Lord of the Rings (though not all of the actors were European, but that's not the point - they had a non-American accent) that I even acquired a slight European accent and had been questioned on several occasions by fellow Americans. Obviously, I've lost this temporary accent of mine, but thinking about it still tickles me. I even burned a CD with Romanian and French bands along with other songs in Welsh and German. It was awesome! 

Anyway, I've also always wanted to try making a dish called Shepherd's Pie. However, I encountered a small obstacle: it's traditionally a meat pie. Honestly, the only reason why it's an obstacle is because I like eating the authentic stuff, as it's easy to make things vegetarian even with the protein (thank goodness for technology and soy). So, I looked up some recipes and scrounged through my fridge. Then my mom told me that I was in charge of tonight's dinner. 


Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie, aka The Shepherdless Pie
(inspired and roughly based on these two recipes: ONE (from BBC) and TWO (found from Foodgawker))
Serves roughly 4 to 6, depends on if it's an entree or side dish

Click for what I did (aka The Recipe)! ^^Collapse )

he finished product. Yes, I know it looks like a mound of mottled purple stuff.
BUT it doesn't taste like surprise!mottled purple stuff and that's what counts!

nd here's a cross-section of it - see, there's good wholesome stuff under there! :) For my family, it might serve around 6..

Roasted Eggplant with Spiced Honey Glaze

I love food. That is a fact. It's probably a major reason as to why I have such a hard time keeping off the weight, but that's another topic entirely. 

Anyway, I've been home alone for these past two weekends and that gives me free range of the kitchen - finally. Last weekend, I did a lot of things (made Roasted Pepper Pesto and an Italian-Mediterranean hybrid something that resulted in some sort of tomato-rice/grain-soup-stew). This weekend, I decided to finish the leftovers (and I made these awesome flour-free chocolate cookies, but I substituted a teaspoon of ground allspice instead of vanilla extract for a surprise kick).. however, today, my last day where I'm The Cook, I decided to try something new.

See, I was planning on making Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie later this week so I was making an inventory of the fridge when I found a ton of Asian eggplant. Next thing I know, I find myself searching for eggplant-based recipes, although I was initially hesitant because the best eggplant I ever had was in China and I've never found a place or recipe that could match it, and, to my displeasure, most of them were either "Asian-inspired" or of the Eggplant Parmigiana variety. (There was also a post on "Eggplant Bacon" which perked my curiosity but the link's down.) Then, I found something slightly more interesting: Honey and Harissa Glazed Eggplant. My first thought came out to be, 'what in the world is harissa??' Turns out it's a "Tunisian hot chili sauce... eaten in North Africa...". Well, although my tolerance for spicy foods have increased since my stay in Korea and their need to challenge and/or burn off their taste buds, I don't feel the need to continue that when I don't have to. Hence, this was what I came up with: 

Roasted Eggplant with Spiced Honey Glaze
(roughly based on this recipe)
Serves around 2 - depends on how much you eat, etc.

The Recipe and NotesCollapse )

ggplant After Roasting. 

he Final Product.

Jiro Wang - Jia Zhuang Wo Men Mei Ai Guo

One of my friends shared this video on her facebook and I, of course, had to click it. Fahrenheit (飛輪海) was my first Asian band which propelled me into this Ocean of Asian Stars that I haven't been able to get myself out of for the past 4, going-on-five, years. What interests me is that Gu Hye-sun (the leading actress from the Korean drama, Boys Over Flowers) is the main female lead to this Taiwanese drama. I'm definitely going to watch it once it finishes airing. ^^

汪東城 - 假裝我們沒愛過
Wang Dong Cheng - Jia Zhuang Wo Men Mei Ai Guo
Jiro Wang (of Fahrenheit) - Pretend We've Never Loved
--From the 絕對達令 (Jue Dui Da Ling/Darling) [Absolute Boyfriend] OST

沒有淚 為何眼眶濕透生了鏽
Mei you lei wei he yan guang shi tou sheng le xiu
I don't have tears so why are the rims of my eyes wet and rusting
你想要的 我真的懂
Ni xiang yao de wo zhen de dong
I truly understand what you want
Pian pian wo de shuang shou tai bing dong
But my two hands are freezing

沒想過 這顆鐵石心腸有傷口
Mei xiang guo zhe ke tie shi xin chang you shang kou
Who would have thought that this heart of steel has been wounded
誰來幫我 截斷電流
Shei lai bang wo jie duan dian liu
Who will help me cut off the electricity
Bian cheng fei wu zhi shao bu nan guo
So I could become useless scrap that would at least be unable to hurt

如果儲蓄了回憶 沒用
Ru guo chu xu le hui yi mei yong
If saving the memories is useless
誰會迷信愛 有用
Shei hui mi xin ai you yong
Who would blindly believe in the usefulness of love
留住這個空殼 幹什麼
Liu zhu zhe ge kong ke gan shen me
What am I doing in this vacant space?

拆了我 扔了我 把我丟到世界的盡頭
Chai le wo reng le wo ba wo diu dao shi jie de jin tou
Tear me up, throw me away, fling me to the ends of the world
繼續愛我 沒有結果 反而折磨
Ji xu ai wo mei you jie guo fan er zhe mo
Continuing to love me has no conclusion and is instead tormenting

請忘了我 請成全我 盡量假裝我們沒愛過
Qing wang le wo qing cheng quan wo jin liang jia zhuang wo men mei ai guo
Please forget me, please help me finish this; pretend that we've ever loved each other to the best of your abilities
別心疼我 別可憐我 反正我從來不會痛
Bie xin teng wo bie ke lian wo fan zheng wo cong lai bu hui tong
Don't ache for me, don't pity me; in any case, I've never been able to hurt

Standing Egg - I'm Not Yours

A really catchy acoustic song by Standing Egg, though the lyrics are a bit on the depressing side. It's been on rerun ever since I first heard it and I think it'll stay that way for at least a couple more days. I tried my best with this. I wish I was a native speaker, haha.

스탠딩 에그 - I'M NOT YOURS
Seutaending Aegeu - I'm Not Yours
Standing Egg - I'm Not Yours

누구든지 열 번 찍으면* 다 넘어가
Nugudeunji yeol beon jjikeumyeon da neomeoga
If anyone were to lay claim on others ten times, then they'd all fall in love;
If anyone were to be photographed ten times, then they would all fall in love;
말도 안 되는 거짓말
Maldo andwaeneun geojimal
It's a ridiculous lie
IT'S NOT EASY 절대로 안 돼
It's not easy jeoldaero andwae
It's not easy - absolutely not

강한 부정이 사실은 긍정이란 말
Kanghan bujeongi sashileun geungjeongiran mal
An emphatic rejection is actually an acknowledgement
말도 안 되는 거짓말
Maldo andwaeneun geojimal
It's a crazy lie
IT'S SO CRAZY 죽었다 깨도
It's so crazy jukeotda ggaedo
It's so crazy even if I was reborn

나 같은 건 안 된다는 걸 이제 알았어요
Na gateun geon andwaendaneun geol ijae alasseoyo
I realised that someone like me can't be with you
나는 아니야. 나는 절대 아니야.
Naneun aniya naneun jeoldae aniya
It's not me; it will never be me

이 세상에 불가능은 절대 없단 말
I saesangae bulganeungeun jeoldae eobda mal
In this world, there's no such thing as impossible
부작용만 너무나 심한 거짓말
Bujakyongman neomuna shimhan geojimal
It being merely a consequence is such a blatant lie
나도 참 순진했지 그 말만 믿고
Nado cham sunjinhetji geu malman mitgo
"I'm also very innocent" - I only believe those words
너를 위해서는 나는 뭐든 다 할게
Neoreul wihaeseoneun neoneun mwodeun da halgae
I would do anything for you
벼랑 끝에서 힘차게 외쳤어
Byeorang ggeutaeseo himchagae waechyeosseo
At the edge of a cliff, I scream with all my strength
내가 들은 마지막 얘기 제발 떨어져
Naega deuleun majimak aegi jaebal ddeoleojyeo
Please kindly part with the last tale that I hear

나 같은 건 안 된다는 걸 이제 알았어요
Na kateun geon andwaendaneun geol ijae alaseoyo
I realised that someone like me can never be with you
그때는 몰랐었지만 이젠 알았어요
Geddaeneun mollasseotjiman ijaen alasseoyo
I didn't know then, but now I know

I was told that 찍어 was also slang (and this was exactly what she said) for "*point* *wink* you're mine" but 찍다 is the verb used to take/shoot a picture... so what-have-you.